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We’ve Moved In!

We’ve Moved In!

So everything has been finalized on the property transaction front. Bank transfers went through, every level of government has been paid, and we have property title in hand. Exciting stuff!

We’ve also moved onto the land! We’ve been busy working in the orchard, harvesting bananas, watering, building a kitchen, compost, toilets, and everything else. Lots of work to do!

20140119cleanup 133

Sleeping on the land is incredible. There are sounds of birds and the forest, butterflies and hummingbirds flutter around, you can hear the subtle sound of ocean waves at night, and the stars are incredible.

Our two little kittens have moved in as well and they are having as amazing time stalking each other and climbing our palm trees/kitchen/tents.

20140119cleanup 137

There’s LOTS and LOTS of work to do and we are READY FOR YOU TO COME VISIT! Check out our page on volunteering and come stay! Flights are impressively cheap (often under $500 from the US)

Also, you may have noticed a name change on the site to “In Lak’ech Village”. “In Lak’ech” is a Mayan word meaning “we are all one”. It’s literal translation is “I am another you” and is the customary greeting in Mayan culture.

4 thoughts on “We’ve Moved In!

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      Looks like your new farm is super cool! Lots of platanos and lots of fun work. Felicidades hermanos. Keep your machetes filo and your powder seco. Con mucho suerte tom

    • Author gravatar

      awesome. glad it is going well. I think I will be able to visit in november. I hope all the work will be done by then 🙂

    • Author gravatar

      It’s official:
      Your dream = reality. Welcome to sweet, sweet resolve.

      Now’s the fun part I guess. 🙂 Loads of work to do, and every bit of it the product of your craftsmanship and customization. Soo cool. So inspiring. So much love.

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