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Residential Program

Residential yoga and meditation programs

The intention for the residential program is to create an “ashram” where people can experience daily life that is centered on deep, natural growth (meditation, yoga and conscious communication practices) while living close to the source (permaculture and hand-made lifecrafts(most recently, a bamboo rake and sandals)).

The program is month-by-month so that a person can do a month at a time or stay for as long as he/she would like.  By the end of 5 0r 6 months residents will have worked through the 200-hour curriculum, sat at least two 10-day silent retreats and have enjoyed the variety of other activities at the Ranch and in Mazunte.

It really takes most people a good month to get the hang of Ranch living:  how to run the pumps and generators, composting, trouble shooting the watering lines, getting the right heat to make pizza on the rocket stove, etc.  People with a few months experience are of great help in daily life and supporting projects and programs.  The fee schedule reflects a person´s support and is designed so that the Ranch can in turn support a person´s deeper work; I hope to see hermitages built on the land to accomodate 20- and 30-day retreats.

Regardless if a person participates one month per year or stays for six months continuous, the schedule for fees is the same: 500 pesos/day for the first month, 400 pesos/day for the second month, 300pesos/day for the third month, 200pesos/day for the fourth month.  All further stays at the Ranch will be by donation (or particpants might receive compensation for their support during any of the other programs.  Please see “basic curriculum” and “daily life at The Ranch”.

Contact Brad with the above link to discuss enrollment.