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What about drugs/alcohol?
As for drugs and alcohol, the vision for In Lak’ech Village is to create a space of conciousness and connection. The agreement is that alcohol and any drug including tobacco is only to be used in a way that doesn’t negatively effect ourselves or others in the community. It hasn’t really come up an an issue at all as none of the current community members use drugs or drink more than the occasional beer or glass of wine.

What will be/is your decision making process?
We have been using a true consensus system which has been working great so far. I’d like to stick with consensus which should be doable based on our size — if we grow big enough we might talk about adopting a modified consensus model. In my experience, consensus works well when you have a group of fairly concious self-aware people, but can break down when a group gets too big or has participants who find it hard to take a step back and look at decisions objectively. We have been trying very hard to make sure we have the right group of people and as a group have chosen not to invite a few individuals to be part of the project who requested to join.

Thoughts/belief systems on food? ( My diet varies, sometimes raw, sometimes cooked, sometimes meat/fish)
We have no hard and fast rules or agreements on food but we do try to be very concious of what we eat. At this point, there has never been “carne” on the land but we have had fresh fish a few times. Cheese and eggs are more common and we plan on getting some chickens (but no rooster) as our first livestock. A milk goat is on the list as well.