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Eco Village Land for Sale

Eco Village Land for Sale

Build The Farm is actively seeking co-creators to be part of the dream and journey.  If this sounds like something you could be interested in, let us know.  At this stage we are looking for people interested in owning a piece of land in the project. On this land you could build a first home, second home, business, or anything you can dream up.

We will be selling the first few lots for $10,000 with the goal of ending up with 7 or 8 homes in the community. There is ample land around us to expand as our needs grow. Lots are structured as shares with rights to a specific piece of ground on which to build a home as well as equal ownership of all communal land in the community.

The lots themselves are mostly 20mx25m and the majority have beautiful ocean and valley views.

If you are interested please get in touch!

How much land do you have, and do you need/want more and is that a good possibility if you had the finances?
We have 4 hectares of land (10 acres), but we are surrounded by undeveloped tropical forest on all sides which makes the land feel much bigger. All of this surrounding land could be purchased — we could literally have 100s of hectares if finances allowed. More land would be nice of course, but right now our thoughts and financial focus are more on developing the land we have.

What size are the lots, how many are there and is there room for privacy?
The homesites are about 20m x 20m and none of the lots are touching each other — the intention when designing the layout was that we should be able to go talk to our neighbours without it feeling like a journey but that each home would have a sense of being private space. There are 9 homesites, 4 of which are taken and 1 of which is almost confirmed — leaving 4 remaining. If the community decided to expand later, purchase more land and offer more homesites, that would be a group decision that we would look at. No one so far is opposed to expanding our project.

Do you have any thoughts/ restrictions/requirements on the types of houses people can build?
We have all agreed to build as naturally as possible — we have good clay deposits on the land leading to earthbag and adobe being good options; Quality tropical wood is also able to be sourced locally. The central building we are working on at the moment is palm thatch roofed, wood beam construction with a concrete hurricane bunker that will be mud and lime plastered to give it a nice natural finish. We have also agreed to use non-septic toilet systems — our well water is currently drinkable as we are the top of the watershed and we are hoping to keep it that way by being concious of how we process our waste.

How about the issue of Ejido?
The land is of course Ejido land (as is all land on the coast here) which means that we have a fairly complicated legal structure — there are many foreigners here who own land under similar structures and the Ejido seems to see foreigners purchasing land as something good for the economy. We haven’t heard of anyone in the area having issues with them.

Do you speak Spanish, how well do you know the area, how well do you get on with the local? Any problems?
My spanish is good as we definitely feel like part of the community here. My fiancé is Mexican and she’s a huge help with more complicated and technical conversations. The locals get on with us well and I have a very good local friend who is a huge help and has been taking good care of us. We don’t even lock up when we aren’t around.