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The Ranch is growing up and volunteering opportunities are fewer.  But, please contact us to see what projects are going on, planting, natural building, landscaping, etc.  and come for a visit.

We are a 30 minute walk from Mazunte and a 45 minute walk from San Agustinillo. Please get in touch, let us know your plans, and we can take it from there.


  • We ask that volunteers come for at least 4 weeks
  • We ask that volunteers participate in 2 daily meditations
  • We ask that our volunteers contribute 100 pesos a day for food so that we can all eat together

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      Sooo very excited for you all. I am coming! Not sure exactly when or how yet but I want to be a part of this. Amazing job! Please let me know if I can be of any assistance until I can be there. You should have a running list of things / projects so we can brainstorm and bring. I leave on Monday for Tulum where another group is creating a similar space. Akumul Temezcal. I helped them with logo and graphix also some yoga retreat promo. They do not own the land but under the right circumstances may. A network of like retreat/ ‘way of life’ would be a good thing. Best to you and every one there.

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