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Lo sentimos, por ahora toda la información está en inglés.  Sin embargo, los programas y la vida en El Ashram son bilingües.  Sugerimos marcar o enviar mensaje para poder ayudarle.

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2022 Programs 

10-day  Silent Meditation Retreats   

Exploring:  “Open-Focus”, Body/Breath Awareness, Concentration, Scanning and Unconditional Compassion techniques).

Dates:  5:00pm February 2nd, 2022 thru Noon, February 13th, 2022

6 spaces

Cost:  $700 MXN per day.  We realize that people live within and move between different economies; The Ashram and support of these important practices require financial assistance;  please contribute to the best of your means.

Please go to Book Meditation Retreats.com to enroll