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How close are the nearest cell phone towers?
There is a cell tower a few kilometres away and as such we have fairly good cell reception from the high points on the land but not from the valleys. There are no visible power lines anywhere.

There is abundant water for drinking and irrigation, many mature fruit trees, ocean views, and a beautiful peaceful energy. The beach is a 35 minute walk.

Life on the Rancho Inlak’ech is an adventure in itself. Ashram has a yoga space and a meditation room that’s screened-in with ceiling fans.

We are currently making screened-in sleeping space and a rocket stove.  The rest of life takes place under the shelter of the large palapa roof or outdoors. Most cooking is done on wood burning rocket-stove designs.  Drinking water comes from the store or rain during rainy season but all other water is from a very good well. We are building a rain-caption pond.

Toilettes are a dry-composting system.  In the orchard are limes and bananas; the coconuts are not yet producing.  Sleeping arrangements vary from tents, hammock-tents and dormitory cots and hammocks.  Our electricity comes from a solar system and a gas generator that runs the well-pump and power tools.

We eat very well – Vegetarian with some dairy and eggs.  No wheat.  Breakfast is often oatmeal or granola with all the trimmings.  There is abundant fruit. Stir-fries. Sprouts. Salads. Whatever anyone wants to make. There is no smoking or alcohol while participating in programs either at the Ashram or in town.  Oh, and very minimal cell and laptop use.

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      Hello, I see there is land available for purchase, with 4 lots remaining. I am interested in coming to visit and volunteering to be part of the community for a while and decide whether the region, land, spiritual culture and community is aligned with my needs. I am in Australia at the moment. I plan to visit in the second half of 2015. Do you think there will still be opportunities to buy land later this year? Regards, Leigh (Australia, 35 year old female)

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      Hello, I have had the dream to live in an intentional community since 2014 however I have walk otherwise paths. I have also been practicing Yoga and Meditation since 2004 and keeping a mostly vegan practice. I am 40 years old. I would love to visit you in despite of that at the moment I am a bit complicated to go and volunteering. However I would like to have a feedback from you to evaluate when I will be available… I would also love if we go along well to have the money to buy a lot… there are still left…?

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        Isaidi, hi. I will post new pics as soon as we put the finishing touches on several projects and have fisnished a couple retreats. Please check out the programs thru April 2019. Retreat Schedule 2019I will be at the Ranch until June and then return in Octobr. There are no programs scheduled for May as it can get hot and or humid. I am asking for input as to what types of retreats people would like to see for the next season, October 2019 thru March 2020. Please come visit whenever you’d like (as long as we are not in a silent retreat. The Residential program will be going to June 2019 and restart in October. There are still lots available. Brad

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