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We’ve Got Land!

We’ve Got Land!

So the last few weeks have been incredibly busy, I’ve barely had time to fit in the odd surf or yoga session here and there. They’ve been busy because we’ve been going through the negotiation and buying process of a 10 acre property here on the coast of Oaxaca behind the towns of Mazunte and San Agustinillo. We have yet to finalize the transaction, but I feel like we’re close enough now to make the announcement and we should be all closed signed and sealed by early next week.


The property itself is absolutely beautiful and perfect for a yoga retreat centre, permaculture farm, and eco village. It is a 15 minute walk from the beach of San Agustinillo and about 2 kilometres from beach of Mazunte. There is are creeks, fruit trees, ocean views, and abundant (and drinkable water) from a well. The land is the end point of a large valley and includes the valley floor and a large piece of the side of the valley. There is a beautiful, remote, and tranquil feel on the land but it’s close enough to civilisation to hop down to the market or head in for an afternoon surf.

The land is a portion of a giant parcel that has belonged to a local’s family for generations. Most of it is virgin and covered with forest except for a small portion that has mature fruit trees which have always been grown organically.

The buying process has been, and continues to be very interesting. Transaction and closing prices in Mexico are not set in stone and each step along the way has involved negotiating transaction prices with each government entity along the way. In the end we have paid for our “admittance into the local community”, a “donation” for the upcoming town festival, and the music teacher’s salary at the local primary school for the coming 4 months. Pretty different from New Zealand and the US!

We still have one more hurdle to tackle and that is the finalization of documents with the regional government. Everything has been priced out, and they have come to measure and view the lot. We have been told that all we need to do is pay the property transfer and have negotiated a final price for that. Fingers crossed the final price stays final!

At this point I am excited and optimistic and just keeping my fingers crossed for the wire transfer to go through smoothly. I’m looking forward to moving out of our rental palapa and onto our new land!

5 thoughts on “We’ve Got Land!

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      More Power to ya Ky! Only met you briefly through John, but your efforts are inspiring ๐Ÿ™‚

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      congratulations! Looking forward for the updates. I bet its a beautiful place and everything is going to work out.

      Big Hug from Cancรบn,


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      It makes me so happy to see that your dreams are falling into place Ky! I’m soo proud of you and already can’t wait to come visit and see this land come to life as you build your future there! I believe the transaction is final by now but, if not, best of luck… You are always in my thoughts and my heart ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      Hey Ky and Brad, Michael here! When do we get to visit? It looks like a really cool place! Congratulations!

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        Hi Michael!

        Thanks! You are welcome to visit any time you want. There are cheap direct flights from the US to two nearby airports. Check out the page on the site about how to get here ๐Ÿ™‚ We would love to see you. Right now it’s just camping but we should have better accommodation in a few months.

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