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Searching For Land

Searching For Land

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, but that’s because so much has been happening — much of it unrelated to finding a place to build our eco village and retreat centre. However, it looks like we have found the area! We arrived in Mazunte, a beautiful surf town on the coast of Oaxaca, and the place feels right. There are beautiful beaches, great people, enough going on to not feel isolated, but still small enough that everyone knows each other. The Locals are very concerned with ecology and conservation, there are myriad yoga classes, and most nights you can find some live music on the beach. Paradise!

We rented a house for a month while we search for land around the area. We have already visited several properties, some of them very promising. Now would be a great to time to express interest in contributing capital to the initial purchase so that we have a good idea of what we can afford. Please contact us through any of your available channels or through this site if you are interested.


Also a big Merry Christmas to everyone!

Much love!

6 thoughts on “Searching For Land

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      Bro! Awesome sauce! Wheres mo’ pictures? Can you suss some larger ones at some stage?

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      Hard Mate! I’ve got to figure the pictures out. I’ve just been taking stuff on my iphone. Hopefully someone comes to visit with a nice SLR 🙂

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      Looks exciting!

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      If it comes down to you needing an extra pair of hands, I would love to come and contribute to the building and/or whatever other hands on work you need.

      Other than that, I host meditation sessions on a weekly basis where I’m at now so Id be happy to contribute these teachings if you feel its relevant.

      Its a really nice idea. I’m keen to follow the development of this project 🙂
      Best way to keep in the know is to keep an eye on this page?

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        Thanks Jono! As soon as we’ve got the land sorted out, we would love as many hands as possible. Meditation is definitely in the cards and we are looking at hosting gypsy Vipassana courses once we are up and running.

        Make sure you subscribe with your email at the top of this site to keep in the loop as things progress.

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        Hi Jono! We would love for you to come help build. There’s lots of work to be done and the more, the merrier. Let me know when to expect you!


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