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Composting Toilets, Showers, Gardens, and Roads

Composting Toilets, Showers, Gardens, and Roads

We have been working super hard here at In Lak’ech village building necessities, planting gardens, and sorting out our infrastructure. We have our composting system all sorted out, including our humanure composting toilet, running solar heated shower, outdoor kitchen, and most importantly road access.

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We have been living on the land for over 2 months now without road access, and we finally got road access to the land yesterday. Up till now we had been walking the last 15 minutes to the ranch and bringing everything up by hand and wheelbarrow. Now with access sorted out, things will start happening quickly I hope. The road has also changed the feel of the land completely, and in a good way. It still feels very wild and remote, but much more human and liveable now.

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Building is beginning with a huge main structure with communal kitchen and which will serve as the community center as well as being used for the yoga and retreat center business. Now we just have to race against the rain to get a roof over our heads! We have a few months, so I’m hopeful to have the majority of it finished in time. With the rain also comes the best time for planting, so if you feel like coming down in the next few months, that would be great. The rainy season here generally means that it rains in the evenings and is sunny during the day. Its actually supposed to be very beautiful, as everything goes green, and not particularly hot and humid, but we shall see!

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We have also had several volunteers up on the land already and a couple arrived yesterday that are planning on staying for several months. If you’re thinking about volunteering, let us know! We would love to have you!

In other news, the first one of our homesites has sold to a wonderful woman. We look forward to having her come and co-create with us. She is an avid gardener and we are very excited to have someone here to help us grow things, as I am realizing this is a bit of a knowledge gap for the current crew, including myself.

Much Love and In Lak’ech!

2 thoughts on “Composting Toilets, Showers, Gardens, and Roads

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      Nice Ky! Looks like awesome progress. Where would you fly into in order to come visit? Maybe next winter I might swing down there for a bit.

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      Hola Ky!

      Man! I was reading and imagined everything ! You Guys are working so Hard , all an adventure living there, can’t wait to see more photos. I send u the best vibes in the world.

      God bless u & In Lak’ech

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