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The Journey
Headed South!!

Headed South!!

So after a few months of playing around in the US, we are finally headed south! The van is packed and we’ve already been to the Pinnacles national monument for a bit of rock climbing. Just ironing out the last minute requirements (like insurance). The van camps well and we spent last night parked in a marina in Moro Bay, just outside of San Luis Obispo.


Next stop is LA where we have a couch surfing host set up and are going to a White Tantra Yoga workshop. I’m excited and really have no idea what it will entail. I’ll write a post afterwards.

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      Hey Guys, great time to head south as winter will be hitting up here soon. Have had a great sunny fall at my new place and just finishing putting in the fence for my 50ft x 60ft garden. It is sooo sweet, cant wait for spring to plant. Already turned beds and covered with hay and goat shit from my compost makers Jekyl and Hyde. Hve a cool trip and be free, bros. Tom

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