Residential Yoga-Meditation Programs

The program is for all levels of experience: how to work safely; the fundamentals of relaxation; and how to build a pose through the natural dynamics of the breath.


Natural Breath – Natural Posture

The main focus of all programs is an exploration of natural breath and natural posture in Meditation, Yoga and Daily Movement. The work develops and supports the natural dynamics of the breath cycle which constantly energize and align the pelvis and spinal column while fostering an open heart; The exploration and appreciation of these dynamics are the foundation for generating “good” posture and healthy movement.

This retreat explores the dynamics of Esther Gohkale’s foundational natural posture, the Yoga Bandhas, and slightly energized breathing. The styles of Yoga that we will use to explore these dynamics are:

  • Pilates – Ashtanga – Bikram – Kundalini

We also play with interactive anatomy exhibits that measure lung and breath volume and muscle exertion at joints in order to appreciate joint anatomy and apply this learning to our practice.

Relaxation – Surrender

A major emphasis will be placed on relaxation, as it is essential in fostering health and deep change

I ask that people attend for at least one month, which is enough time to get the practice deep enough so that it is easier to take it with you when you return to the ‘real world’.


We start with a week of Pilates – calisthenic based exercises that work on core strength, with some flexibility.  As it requires no experience, I find that this work is the quickest way to get basic fitness.  The second week –  Kundalini yoga and gluten-free baking.  Kundalini is quirky exercises that strengthen/open the breathing anatomy and wakes up a capacity to move through our resistances.  The last two weeks are dedicated to a 10-day silent meditation, using the techniques promoted by the Buddha.  For me, this is the most powerful/important tool a person can possess.

The basic daily schedule is guided morning meditation, 1 or 2 movement sessions, time at the beach, an optional second meditation, and lecture.  The main focus is the connection between natural posture and natural breath in meditation, exercise and daily movement.

5:00 – 6:00    Guided meditation and breath/posture awareness

6:15 – 8:00    Yoga class. Classes explore a variety of different yoga styles, but always focusing how the dynamics within the natural breath-cycle foster natural, healthy posture.

7:30 – 9:00      Breakfast and light tasks (eg. watering)

9:00 – 10:00     Rest

10:00 – 11:30 Course material

11:30 – 12:30 Meditation

12:30 – 2:30     Lunch

2:30 – 5:00  Afternoons vary, but we usually go down to the beach for a swim. Return to Ranch

6:00 – 7:00 . Posture clinic or Yin Yoga

7:00 – 8:30    Light meal, eg. salad or yogurt and fruit. With discussion of course material

Food and Accomodation

Life on the Rancho Inlak’ech is an adventure in itself.   The yoga/meditation room is screened in.  The rest of life takes place under the shelter of the large palapa roof or outdoors. Most cooking is done on wood burning rocket-stove designs.  Drinking water comes from the store but all other water is from a very good well.  Toilettes are a dry-composting system.  In the orchard are limes and bananas; the coconuts are not yet producing.  Sleeping arrangements vary from tents, hammock-tents and sleeping platforms. Electricity, we have a solar system and a gas generator to run the well pump and power tools.

Accommodations can be best described as fancy camping, under a beautiful, large palapa roof.  Or, inside the “bodega” which is dormitory-like with good cots or hammocks.

We eat very well – Vegetarian with some dairy, no eggs. Oatmeal or granola with all the trimmings. Fruit. Stir-fries. Sprouts. Salads. Whatever anyone wants to make. And at least one night- pizza..  There is no smoking or alcohol at the Ranch, but people are free to do what they would like when we are in town.



Programs are by donation with a minimum contribution of 2000 Pesos/week

Please see the full curriculum here and contact us now to register your interest .




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