Daily Life at The Ranch

Food and Accomodation

Life on the Rancho Inlak’ech is an adventure in itself.   The meditation room is screened in with ceiling fans.  We are currently building a beautiful loft/dormitory.  We are also resurfacing the clay yoga floor.  And, maybe by August we will have completed a screened in yoga room!  The rest of life takes place under the shelter of the large palapa roof or outdoors. Most cooking is done on wood burning rocket-stove designs.  Drinking water comes from the store but all other water is from a very good well.  Toilettes are a dry-composting system.  In the orchard are limes and bananas; the coconuts are not yet producing.  Sleeping arrangements vary from tents, hammock-tents and dormitory cots and hammocks.  Our electricity comes from a solar system and a gas generator that runs the well-pump and power tools.

We eat very well – Vegetarian with some dairy and eggs.  No wheat.  Breakfast is often oatmeal or granola with all the trimmings.  There is abundant fruit. Stir-fries. Sprouts. Salads. Whatever anyone wants to make. And at least one night- pizza.  There is no smoking or alcohol while participating in programs either at the Ranch or in town.  Oh, and very minimal cell and laptop use.