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Spring Update

5 Apr


Sorry for the delay between posts, but we sure have been busy up here at Inlak’ech Ranch!

Since our last update in November, we have held:

  • Three 10 day Silent Vipassana Meditation Retreats
  • A 5 day intensive Yoga-Meditation Retreat
  • 3 Volunteer Work Parties at a thriving Local Organic Farm

Along with this there has been a huge amount of work and progress on our own building and permaculture projects

  • Organic Garden is continuing to grow and diversify
  • Our ‘Mushroom Bunker’ is nearing harvest. 50 seed bags of Oyster Mushrooms will be ready within a month!
  • From our Orchard, which has given us two large batches of lime marmalade and our first coconut of many to come, to our upper Shaded Garden, which provides all of the spices for tea and sauces (Pizza!) and will soon yield tomatoes, Papayas and lots more!
  • Tile roof is only a few days away from being done

Also, my book on Vipassana meditation technique ‘The Buddha’s Toolbox’ has been added to and refreshed with new insights. It is sooo close to being done!

Thanks to everyone who has come and supported these projects! All of the work that has been put in is helping our vision for Inlak’ech come alive.

A truly tangible atmosphere of Focused Wellbeing has been created through the combination of all of the courses, sits, projects, wholesome food, great people, and never being too busy to spend time at the beach