Building In Lak’ech Village

12 Apr

So the roads are in, we have had some great visitors, and In Lak’ech Village is really starting to take shape! Our volunteers have been great so far and been a big help planting our permaculture gardens.

The gardens are producing tomatoes, chiles, nopale cactus, limes, bananas, mint, basil, and more. It’s so nice eating food right from the land.

InLakech20140412 042

Also, we have been building a nice new house over the well to protect our water supply.

InLakech20140412 073

In other news, two of our 7 homesites available have been sold to wonderful people and we look forward to having them join the community. We also just had a great visitor from Canada very interested in being part of the project. He will be back in July with his wife. This means there are only 4 1/2 homesites left — so if you’ve been thinking about being part of this project, I’d recommend coming to visit soon!

InLakech20140412 076

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